Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wisconsin H.O.R. District 4 speaks loudly! Incumbent (D)Gwen Moore wins by landslide

As predicted by almost everyone with any knowledge of politics, Incumbent represenative (D) Gwen Moore retains her seat in the House of Represenatives in a landslide victory.  In defense of Dan Sebring, his campaign came the closest to defeating Gwen Moore in all her elections to date.  The results are as posted below:

(D)Gwen Moore 69% with a total of 143,531 votes
(R)Dan Sebing    30% with a total of   61,531 votes
(I) Eddie Ayyash   1% with a total of     2,802 votes

The margin of victory has to be correlated to two factors;  the discrepancy in funds (D)Gwen Moore had over the other candidates.  And the amount of experience in politics that Moore has over the two challengers.  The two challengers have no experience in politics versus Gwen Moore's 15+years  serving Wisconsin.  Money wise, Moore had $400,000+ over the combined total of her candidates.  Which she earned by continously serving her constituents well for those 15 years.